Faster production

  • Get your prints done in a fraction of time you are used to
  • Print on a wide range of surfaces, also curved and uneven
  • Print on fruits & vegetables

Less downtime

  • No focus or pixel corrections needed
  • No more ink refills, nozzle replacements or messy cleanups
  • Easy custom design creation

More profit

  • Consume 50x less energy than with a conventional inkjet printer
  • Impress your stakeholders with ecological printing, saving money and planet
  • Surprise your customers with amazing fruit & vegetable branding

Our solution



Unlike traditional printing methods, inPhocal’s patented lasers use a focused beam of light to print or cut. This makes it possible to produce intricate designs with clean, precise edges. In addition, inPhocal lasers are much faster than other printing methods, making it possible to increase production speed without sacrificing quality. And because there is no ink involved, there is no need for nozzle replacements or messy cleanups. As a result, the inPhocal laser is an ideal solution for businesses that want to increase their production without incurring additional costs.



Larger printing Surface

Thanks to recent advances in optical technologies, we are now able to offer our clients a print surface that is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Our team of experts can print at speeds that exceed your expectations, and we are always open to exploring new ways to improve or extend our service. Whether you need a high-quality print job for your business or a personal project, we can help you get the results you need!


Sustainable production

Sustainability stands front and center at inPhocal. Not only do our printers use 50x less energy than a conventional inkjet printer, all our solutions are ink-less too. The transition towards inkless printing brings a lot of positive impacts, such as: less ink cartridges ending in landfill, therefore less toxic chemicals leaking into our environment; increased recyclability of plastics; less food waste due to reduction of recalls (when the expiry date on the packaging is not readable or missing); safer workplaces and much more. Want to be a first-mover and transition to inkless printing before everyone else does? Contact us to get you started!



Curved surfaces

Imagine being able to print your company logo on a curved surface like a water bottle or a golf ball. Well, now you can! inPhocal’s novel cutting-edge printing technology enables us to print on curved surfaces with the same speed and accuracy as on flat surfaces. This means that you can now create customized products that will really stand out from the competition. So why wait? Contact us today to find out more about how our technology can help your business succeed.


Easy integration

The integration of our products is straightforward and can be accomplished without alterations in most production lines. This is due to the sleek design in combination with the technology. As a result, our solutions can be implemented quickly and easily, saving time and money. In addition, inPhocal solutions are less likely to cause disruptions in production, which further enhances your production line velocity. The ease of integration of our products definitely stands out among other production line solutions.


New branding possibilities

inPhocal’s technology creates new branding opportunities by increasing the printable area of packaging or other uneven objects. The wider reach of the printing area means you can include more branding elements, such as your company logo, slogan, QR code or website address. In addition, you can share important information about your product, usage instructions, ingredient lists, or safety information. By taking advantage of these novel, more sustainable branding opportunities, you can give your business a distinct edge in the marketplace.


Food and Beverages

Current technologies used in marking have their limitations in either speed, cost of ownership or use of environmentally friendly materials. There have been countless cases of toxic printing inks leaking through the packaging into food. The innovative laser marking solution brought by inPhocal effectively takes the best of all worlds, outperforming on speed and costs and on top allows printing on curved surfaces. All of this without using any unnecessary chemicals.

Wafer Dicing

Wafer dicing is one of the most crucial yet delicate processes in the development of any technology. During this precision process, semiconductor wafers are cut into small square or rectangular ‘chips’ or ‘die’. The more precise the laser beam, the more precise the cut. That means more production efficiency and less waste material. inPhocal’s patented laser solution is 10x more precise than the conventional solutions used on the market.

Welding and Cutting

Laser welding is much cleaner than conventional arc or Tig welding – it’s more precise, easier to automate, and provides for bonding of much thinner metals. inPhocal’s laser solution allows for a high degree of freedom because of the extended focus range, this in return allows for welding of non-flat surfaces at a high speed with lower power requirement than traditional welding systems.

Direct on food

inPhocal’s patented laser beam is so precise, it can directly ‘print’ on fruits, vegetables or even eggs, without damaging the protective top layer of the product. Take for example the plastic stickers on avocados or apples – these could be easily replaced by a much more ecological solution of printing directly on the product.

About Us

inPhocal was founded in 2019 after completing the HighTechXL deep tech venture building program. Based on laser technology from CERN, the team has since developed proprietary technology and is entering the beachhead laser marking market with the goal of entering the lucrative semiconductor market with their laser cutting technology. The team won the coveted CES Innovation Award in January 2022, followed by the Gerard & Anton award in September 2022 at the Level Up event, hosted at High Tech Campus, where the company is also based.