Why laser marking

In the world of marking products, for example in the Food & Beverages industry, the most popular solutions are inkjet and laser printers. Each of these technologies has its limitations in either speed, cost of ownership or use of environmentally unfriendly materials. The innovative laser marking solution brought by inPhocal effectively takes the best of all worlds – outperforming on speed and costs, without the use of toxic printing inks, all topped with the capability to print on curved surfaces – an outstanding offering on the market. 

Why InPhocal

We are the only company with the ability to provide such a unique, innovative hardware solution, making us the most comprehensive provider on the market. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced and reliable laser technology in order to improve their productivity and efficiency. Our vision is to be the leading provider of laser technology worldwide, helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals, and with that rid the world of unnecessary waste.


inPhocal was founded in 2019 after completing the HighTechXL deep tech venture building program. Based on laser technology from CERN, the team has since developed proprietary technology and is entering the beachhead laser marking market with the goal of entering the lucrative semiconductor market with their laser cutting technology.

This year our tech team has delivered the proof of technology. This was the first step and we are now able to offer a fully functioning, integrated system that offers all the features and benefits that we had originally promised. Our team is excited to see the growing potential of this new technology and we are confident that it will help us achieve our long-term goals. We are grateful to our supporters for their patience and we look forward to seeing the positive impact that this technology will have on the world.

Awards & Support

“What a ride we had so far! If you ask me my most favorite things in our journey so far I would say: the technology, the people and showing the potential. First of all, as a physicist and tech lover; I love this technology! We managed to develop a technology that most experts told us was not possible. But this could not have happened without so many great people helping us along the way. Seeing their excitement is what gives me great motivation. And finally the potential. We have been fast in developing our technology and showing what it really can do. Demonstrating our technology has really been a great way to show people that what we say can actually be done. I can’t wait to take our technology to an even higher level with showing it working in production lines and to hit the market. I think then we can really show what we mean with inPhocal: lights without limit!”

Dr. Martijn Boerkamp, CTO InPhocal

Realizing growth is my favorite! I love working with tech-minded people because it makes the numbers add up in the end. Forecasts are always expectations seen in the most positive way. Every validation makes the forecast more precise. We have the average of our competitor's cost of ownership; we crush the specs of their performance, and we even the ratings of their service levels. We outperform our competition on every single point! Our business model is new in the market and possible because of the tech that our team invented. I am confident that you are as happy as me after going through these numbers. If you want to dive deep together with me to see where opportunities for collaboration lies contact me"

Kathy Vredeveldt, CFO InPhocal