The Benefits of Sustainable Production

inPhocal calls on the high-polluting packaging, coding and marking industries to adopt new, more sustainable practices and to reduce their use of toxic printing inks (PIs) and unnecessary plastic stickers – used for example to brand fruits. Worldwide more than 160 million liters of ink are used yearly and each liter of ink emits approximately 884 kg of CO2 per year.

inPhocal’s plug-in solution not only enables a much needed major transition to inkless marking, it also significantly reduces the energy consumption. InPhocal’s laser systems consume up to 50x less energy compared to the conventional inkjet technologies.

Indirectly, application of laser marking prevents unnecessary food waste. According to current industry standards, unreadable expiration dates on packaging lead to destruction of entire shipments – also referred to as ‘recalls’. inPhocal’s laser markings are highly durable and can withstand various atmospheric warehouse conditions or lengthy shipments, therefore decreasing the chances for recalls significantly.

Following the company’s commitment to make EU-based industries stronger and self-reliant, most of inPhocal’s component suppliers and manufacturers are based in the EU region, reducing emissions connected with long-haul intercontinental transport.

Overall, the technological advantages coupled with the wide variety of applications, create a unique opportunity for an industry-wide sustainable transition through an easy implementation of InPhocal’s solutions.